Commentaries from a Discerning Listener

“I received a request for purchasing my albums from my website, and then started exchanging emails with my new listener. I felt such measurement that my work on the music of Brahms was being deeply appreciated…here are a few comments from George Schatzkamer, who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and purchased most of my albums….”

….with a fear of individuality. You have this quality in great abundance which is one reason your playing so appeals to me.
The other American record review magazine is called American Record Guide.It has been around since the 1950’s or maybe earlier.
Just wondering- would it be beneficial to send your cds to German radio stations- as usual just a thought. Your playing of Brahms  is so compelling more people should know of you.
…. I just finished listening (again ) to your playing of two of the Brahms piano sonatas. Very very beautiful. wish I had another word to descibe the playing but this is what I feel when listening to your performances.
….I have heard some more of your performances  from your cds.Really  beautiful performances.The Brahms piano sonata #3 is a real favorite of mine and loved the way you did seem to connect with the tragic elements of Brahms which is what I like most.Beautiful playing- thank you.
…The more music lovers find out about you the better. You have a G-d given talent that is rare.I put you in the same category as my favorites like Furtwangler and Mengelberg.
….I heard last night your playing of the op.79 #2- one of my favorite works of Brahms./your performance was so beautiful.This is one of the most tragic pieces of music ever composed and I believe you get to the heart of it. Really great playing.i am surprised you are not better known by the music public-
 ….That is the Brahms sym.1.The first movement I heard last night and it was not great- it was unbelievable great.My feeling were that you played Brahms as Brahms felt the music when he composed it.The sadness,the tragic elements were all there.Thank you for making this available. Your performance was truly stunning.