Prior To 2016

An astounding performance … a prodigious technique.
– The Courier Journal

Nada plays with a relentless power which infuses the music…
– The Dayton Register (Dayton, OH)

An inspired performance … Nada played Messiaen with confidence and poise. Buoyant and full of brilliant flourishes, Balakirev ended in a fiery climax and great intensity.
– Bloomington Herald Times (Bloomington, IN)

Thank you, for a moment of such grace … the genius of Beethoven explodes under her fingers. The 32 variations seems to us, by turns, like a powerful, majestic, subtle and grave journey of initiation … With Liszt’s sonata, it is a complete apotheosis and enchantment. Nada is stunning.
– El Nahar (leading Arabic newspaper in the Middle East)

Her capacity to fetch the spiritual essence of music places her between legend and reality.
– El Nahar (leading Arabic newspaper in the Middle East)

The Grieg A minor piano concerto under Nada’s control and interpretation at the piano…. It was like hearing it for the first time… She played with style, passion, and thunder without being excessive or sentimental…
– Free lance writing, Louisville, KY

Nada has the modesty of the greatest. One can no longer find the interpreter, only the music, and that reverence of a hall left absolutely breathless.

You can watch as the music flows through her whole body and comes out of her fingertips.
– Student from the University of Pikeville

There is such an obvious difference when someone is playing music rather than the music playing them.
– Student from the University of Pikeville

The overall performance was amazing!
– Student from the University of Pikeville