Pikeville University Reviews

  • “Music is a universal language.” She is a fabulous pianist. How on earth is she in Kentucky?” Laura
  • “Music is a language. Every note played is an expression (like a word). The music is so much more to her than it is to some of us.” Gatlin
  • “You can tell her emotions when she plays which I think is one of the greatest talents of all” Ashley
  • “I think you can really tell the way music speaks to a person watching it flow through Nada” Tyan
  • “She’s Amazing! Nada’s talent is like a Broadway one man play or an old time black and white movie where no one spoke. You can almost imagine actors playing out the story that she s telling by her piano playing” Natasha
  • “Three Chorals for organ op. 122: this was a beautiful piece. I found myself lost inside of the tunes as they were being played.” Kevin
  • “The piece performed one-handed was one of the most impressive things I have experienced in the world of music.” Emily