I was so touched when I received a communication from composer Naji Hakim early 2021 .

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He was telling me that he had just listened to my performance of the Dukas sonata, one of my very early recordings and had loved it .

And then shortly after, he tells me that he has written a piece for me ! I was so excited! It is the variations on a theme by Jean Langlais.As soon as I received the score, I started working on it , learning every variation carefully , and at awe at how well-crafted and inspired it was. I was deeply touched and performed it for the first time on June 6, 2021.
Pianist Nada

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First performance by Pianist Nada of the piano piece dedicated to her in 2020 by Naji Hakim..

Naji Hakim’s piano work “Variations on a theme by Jean Langlais”, composed in 2020, was brilliantly performed by his dedicatee, Pianist Nada, for its world premiere on June 6 in Louisville.

What a great emotion for me to hear on this occasion the theme of the “Modal Prelude” for organ by my husband, Jean Langlais, according to personal harmonies and the developments by Naji Hakim. By paying homage to his master in such an inspiring way, Naji revisits the original theme by adding 10 variations, each more inventive than the last. In a very sure style, Pianist Nada gives us a very “French” and impressionist vision by combining his natural virtuosity with a subtle elegance and a unique touch. Bravo to her, Naji Hakim was not mistaken in dedicating this work to her. Bravo also to Naji who was able to capture the very essence of Jean Langlais’s art so well and to subtly amplify it in his own personal way …
 Marie-Louise Langlais