Classical Hour, Clifton Center, Nada performing Rapsodies Op. 79 by Johannes Brahms and Sonata K. 310 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

“There was something very special about Nada’s performance yesterday.The unique touch, the inspiration, the liberty of phrasing, brought something new and alive to those pieces often heard from the standard repertoire.

To start off, the second of the two Rhapsodies by Johannes Brahms caught me by surprised, but proved to be a very efficient way to provoque and engage immediately the interest of the public.

The colors, the effectiveness of the playing, the special moments of arresting modulations brought a thunder of applause before Nada followed with the first of those two rhapsodies. The public remained engaged throughout, and the intensity of expression until the last note of the Mozart K. 310, never ceased, bringing applauses between each movements despite an educated and well informed audience.

Every note in the Mozart sonata had a sense and meaning which I had never encountered before in any of the performances I had been familiar with. The second movement first bars melted all my resistance and tears came to my eyes.

There is definitely a very strong emotional power in Nada’s playing and I look forward to another deeply moving experience listening to her playing.” VRK