Upcoming Events

Indiana University Southeast (inaugural Brahms Society concert): T.B.A.

July 21, 1 pm EST: The Temple Louisville KY.

July 23, 2pm: Groupmuse series htpps://

September 29, 1 pm EST: The Temple Louisville KY, 

October 20, 8pm: Pianist Nada and Caroline Gouldink, violin. Brahms Violin and Piano sonatas : Indiana University Southeast, Ogle Center, USA

November 18, 8 pm: Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, Beirut, Lebanon 

December 8, 1 pm EST: The Temple Louisville KY.

Previous Events

Sept 27 2020 Streaming on Groupmuse

Oct 28 2020 Streaming Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, KY 12:05pm

Nov 5 2020 Streaming: The Temple, Louisville, KY

Dec 12, 2020 Streaming on Groupmuse  at 3pm EST

March 21 2021 at 3pm EST Streaming on Groupmuse on the 21st

May 6 2021 Streaming The Temple, Louisville, KY

Aug 2021 Pianist Nada in Rachmaninoff Second Piano Concerto  (

Aug 26 2021 Streaming  The Temple, Louisville, KY

Aug 29 2021 Streaming on Groupmuse

Sept 27 2021 Streaming on Groupmuse

Sept 26 2021 Streaming on Groupmuse

Oct 17 2021 First Presbyterian Church of Punta Gorda(ECO)25250 Airport Road Punta Gorda, FL 33950 (

Oct 24 2021 Streaming on Groupmuse

Nov 18, 2021 Streaming: The Temple, Louisville, KY

December 2, 6:30pm The Forum, Louisville KY,  EST

December 13. 12 noon Zoom presentation on Beethoven

December 18,  2 pm EST Groupmuse series

February 1rst, 6. 30 pm, The Forum, Louisville KY

February 17 Performance and Masterclass at Campbellsville University 8pm

February 18 Performance and Masterclass at Campbellsville University10am

February 24, 7 pm, Musik Hug, Allschwill, Switzerland

February 27 Eglise Américaine, Paris, France

March 24 The Temple Louisville KY, 1 pm EST.

March 26 2pm Groupmuse series

May 28 2pm Groupmus series



“I am not a writer, a poet nor a painter since I cannot artfully arrange my phrases or images so as to give light and shade; nor can I even express my thoughts by gesture and pantomime, for I am no dancer. But I can do so in sounds. I am a musician.”
-W.A. Mozart

Since the year 2020, I planned to work mainly on writing my life’s story. It will be like taking a sabbatical year from performing, although I have a few performances and recordings on my calendar.

It will also be a time of reflection and planning, meditating on my accomplishments and my life, and looking for more ways to share with others everything I am as a musician.