25-track double album from Pianist Nada: “CAPRICCIOS & INTERMEZZOS: NADA & BRAHMS” released on the MEII Enterprises label.

MEII Enterprises is proud to announce the release of “Capriccios & Intermezzos: Nada & Brahms,” a 25-track double album, the fourth in a series of albums featuring award-winning Pianist Nada’s recordings of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) works for solo piano.

Pianist Nada’s core repertoire ranges from Mozart to Prokofiev. In the past few years, however, she has focused her attention on Johannes Brahms solo and concert works.

Nada’s extended study of Brahms’ works led her to feel as if she knows him intimately. She recorded this 25-track double album in the series to give the listener insight into his range of works.

“I chose to call this recording ‘Capriccios & Intermezzos’ to display the wonderful variety and array of colors and moods in his music: passion/reflection, power/sweetness, brilliance/intimacy, craziness/centeredness, organization/wilderness,” says Pianist Nada.

The first and second albums in the series—“Nada in Hamburg with Johannes Brahms” and “Vienna: Brahms & Nada”— explore the depth of poetry in Brahms’ music. The third album “Nada Meets Johannes Brahms” is a portrait of Brahms’ deepest and most adventurous self. All three albums have been critically acclaimed in various domestic and international publications, including Fanfare Magazine and International Piano.

The “Capriccios & Intermezzos” album is available on Nada’s website, cdbaby.com, and other digital music web sites including Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.