The Music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.
-Wolfang Amadeus Mozart

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Meet The Artist Article

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music and who or what have been the most important influences on your musical life and career?

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Dreaming of Brahms

Pianist Nada's deeply felt connection with Brahms is borne out in her comprehensive survey of his music on disc.

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I Felt He Was Here: An Interview with Pianist Nada

Pianist Nada—no last name, just her artistic and professional persona—calls herself an interpreter. For her, it is not enough to simply learn a piece and play it, she must step into the heart and mind of the composer. In a way, she embodies the human who wrote the music, or...

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Review of Nada’s CD: Capriccios & Intermezzos by Ralph Moore

BRAHMS Nada & Brahms: Capriccios & Intermezzos | Pianist Nada (piano) | MEII Enterprises 7 07129 22408 8 (2 CDs 123:58) Chorale No. 7 “Herzlich tut mich erfreuen”; Chorale No. 3 “Herzliebster Jesu”; Klavierstücke op.76; Intermezzi op. 117; Hungarian Dances Nos. 1,2,3,5; Themes and Variations in d; Themes and Variations Op. 9...

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Review of Nada’s CD: Capriccios & Intermezzos by Jerry Dubins

Review of Nada’s CD: Capriccios & Intermezzos This is Nada’s fourth-and-a-half album in her survey of Brahms’s complete—and I mean, really complete—works for solo piano, an enterprise that has led her to comb the composer’s catalog for some of the rarest of rarities. I suspect that when she has finally completed this...

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A Conversation with Pianist Nada in Pianist Magazine

Music Is Me, So I Am: A Conversation with Pianist Nada Pianist Nada made history when she became the first woman from the Middle East to earn first prize in piano performance at the Paris Conservatory. Below she talks about her recent Brahms release, which completes her recordings of Brahms’...

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Fanfare Cover

Fanfare interview and review with Ken Meltzer

Interview with Pianist Nada by Ken Meltzer: A trio of discs from MEII Enterprises concludes Pianist Nada’s survey of the complete solo piano music of Johannes Brahms. I spoke with the artist about her journey of Brahms exploration and discovery, and these superb recordings. Your three most recent Brahms discs include...

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“I speak music”

There is something special about Pianist Nada. The unusual path on which life has taken her has also made her into an extraordinary human being. When she performs, her music seems to come alive in such a way that few performers ever dare to reach. It is like time and reality do not matter, only music.

Concert artist, educator, passionate communicator who strives to bring her love of music to audiences throughout the world, “I speak music” is the motto which best describes her charismatic personality and talent to generate enthusiasm and love of classical music.

Radio Voice She has been a host and performer of her own radio series, The Classical Hour. She acted as the curator of the programs, which she frequently designed to have themes in order to make them more accessible to a wide variety of listeners. The performances were recorded live for broadcast on WCHQ 100.9 FM and made available on the net for download from anywhere in the world. She has nurtured a large following of listeners over the years on a radio station basically dedicated to local and popular music. She is currently a regular performer on the Groupmuse platform.

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“The idea comes to me from outside of me - and is like a gift. I then take the idea and make it my own - that is where the skill lies.”
― Brahms Johannes


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